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World Health Organization (WHO) defines healthy ageing as the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables wellbeing in older age. Apart from being physically fit, the functional ability also includes building and maintaining relationships or social interactions. Maintaining and supporting relationships with age not only can keep seniors feeling good, but also living longer and staying more independent.



Did You
24% of seniors in
suffer from
Mental Health  
                   *National Health Morbidity Survey 2015
Recurring (weekly sessions)
Non-Recurring (monthly sessions)
Senior Yoga Class

Action based
1. Indoor yoga
2. Line dancing
3. Outdoor Tai Chi

painting 1.JPG

1. Seasonal Art & Craft
2. Painting
3. Floral Arrangement


Hobby centric
1. Gardening
2. Cooking
3. Singing


1. Visit places of interest
2. Charity/Volunteer


Relax Mode
1. Dine & Chill
2. Movie Day
3. Spa Day

Modern Senior Woman

1. Tech classes
2. Health Talks
3. Nutritional Talks

As increasing amounts of research suggest, social interactions are healthful for seniors in a myriad of ways and able to extend one's life. Find the right social activities that are most suitable for you. Who knows you might discover a new talent or spark your interest to impress your family and friends.

Upcoming Classes
Senior Woman
Senior Woman Dancing

Create the FEEL GOOD

Factor in You

What do you Gain?

Enhance Physical Health

Healthier endocrine system, blood pressure and cardiovascular function.


Stronger Immune system to fight infectious diseases.

Lower risk of cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis etc.

Reduce risk for Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia


Reduce anxiety, isolation or depression.

Boost of Memory and cognitive function.


Mental Health

Sense of Purpose & Belonging

Seniors who interact within groups tend to offer companionship to each other.


Increase in happiness and ability to share their feelings and thoughts.

Become more caring and considerate.

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