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Tea Talk Series

The pandemic has changed the lifestyle of people in many ways. In order to keep up with the new norms and address issues surrounding the community of senior citizens, IMM Carehub have curated a series of tea talk since 2021 aimed to provide insights and sharing of experiences on topics cerning the mental, physical, nutritional and social wellbeing of seniors.


The first series was held virtually in collaboration with MyAgeing between 2 October until 8 December 2021 with a total of 16 speakers and 8 moderators. Now, we are back with more fun and interactive sessions featuring industry experts and KOLs starting 20 June 2022, be sure to save a spot for yourself. Register here.

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Past Tea Talk Series

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Tea Talk 1: Coping with Mood Changes & Daily Activities

Speakers: Dr. Benedict Francis & Mdm Lily Fu

Moderator: Dr. Jillian Yeoh

Date: 2 October 2021 (Saturday)

Tea Talk 2: Reframe Negative Mindset on Aging: Revisit the Meaning of Retirement
Speakers: Professor Dr. Shahrul Bahyah & Pn. Zarina Merican
Moderator: Mr. Cheah Tuck Wing
Date: 8 October 2021 (Friday)
Tea Talk 3: Financial Security for Seniors
Speakers: Dr. Carol Yip & Dr. Navin
Moderator: Datuk Koo Hock Fee
Date: 14 October 2021 (Thursday)
Tea Talk 4: Relieve Stress & Hobby
Speakers: Dr. Joel Low & Puan Sri Tong Siew Bee
Moderator: Professor Ir. Dr. Siti Anom
Date: 3 November 2021 (Wednesday)
Tea Talk 5: Connecting Mind to Body: Enhance Cognitive Functions & Dementia Prevention
Speakers: Dr. Sc. Manuela Adcock & Ms. Shamayne Leelawati Samarakkody
Moderator: Dr. Rahimah Ibrahim
Date: 10 November 2021 (Wednesday)
Tea Talk 6: Social Connection is KEY as you Age
Speakers: Dr. Hakimah Mohammad Sallehuddin & Dr. Sangeeta Kaur
Moderator: John Pinto
Date: 24 November 2021 (Wednesday)
Tea Talk 7: Independant Living & Living Arrangements for Elderly
Speakers: Mr Mark Chen & Mr James Tan
Moderator: Assc. Professor Dr Hayati Kadir Shahar
Date: 1 December 2021 (Wednesday)
Tea Talk 8: Exercise as Medicine
Speakers: Ms. Lena Karjaluoto & Dr. Saini Jeffrey
Moderator: Dr Jillian Yeoh
Date: 8 December 2021 (Wednesday)
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