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We offer a highly specialized strength training solution specifically designed for older adults. From group fitness programme to personalized preventive exercise and rehabilitative treatment, our evidence-based exercise solutions are designed to provide a safe & effective active ageing fitness that increase the functional ability of older adults.




Did You
29% of Seniors > 60 yrs
46% of Seniors > 80 yrs
Can't Lift more than 5kg        *CDC Functional Research
We are Unique

Pneumatic (Air Resistance) Technology

The Natural Transmission system provides optimal loading throughout the range of motion. It reduces the damage on our joints and connective tissue during the concentric & eccentric movement of our muscle.

IMM Carehub HUR

Smart Computerized Training System

Your entire training programme is customized and automated, the system remembers your data and record them for your reference. This enable you to witness your progress and performance from time to time.

Close to Zero Starting Load

Our equipment allow close to zero starting load/resistance and an increment of 100gram according to your ability.

Medical Concept

Safe and effective therapeutic modalities for:

> Fall Prevention     > Hypertension     > Type 2 Diabetes    

> Cardiac Rehab    > Hip/Knee Replacement Rehab

Ergonomic Design & Safe Natural Movement

Ergonomically designed to address individuality and ability that mimic your natural muscle movement to increases the efficiency of your training. It is also wheel-chair friendly.

Suitable For

Strength Training


Build strong physical foundation to stand, walk, play and stay independent


Falls Prevention


Improve body coordination and balance


Post-Op Rehab


For post operative recovery such as Cardiac rehab, Knee/Hip replacement

Type 2 Diabetes/



Research-based therapeutic modality to reduce risk


Geriatric Rehab


Suitable for incontinence recovery, stroke, dementia, Alzheimer's & Parkinson's disease

Elderly Woman at Gym
Older adults who strength
trained at least twice a week had 46%
lower odds of death than those who did not
Gain Muscle Strength
is Important

We lose our muscle power and move slower as we age. Resistance training is a form of exercise to regain muscle strength and reduce the risk of falling, enable us to carry on with our Activities of Daily Living (ADL)


Coming to IMM Carehub has been one of the highlights of my life, it has been really a good experience. The machines help us on different aspects of our body, especially my balance.

Mdm Lee Lin

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