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BFM Radio Interview

BFM Dr Jillian

Malaysia is on its way to becoming a “super-aged society”, by 2056, which is defined by having over 20% of the population above the age of 65. The number was around 7% in 2020. This highlights the need for more aged care facilities but also the need to focus on preventative care to help elderly adults age better so that they can maintain their mobility and independence.


Driven by personal experience, this is exactly what Dr Jillian Yeoh is doing with her healthtech aged-care focused startup. She dove into Aged Care to help Malaysia’s ageing population age with grace, leading to her to starting IMM Carehub, a lifestyle rehabilitation centre which provides holistic care services that aims to cover the full range of wellness, including Physical, Mental, Nutritional and Social.


We speak with Dr. Jillian on IMM Carehub’s next steps, the future of Aged Care, and the business model that keeps all this going.

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