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IMM Carehub Winning the Best Senior Rehabilitation Centre

Natural Health Award in iAge Conference and Exhibition

IMM Carehub received the Best Senior Rehabilitation Centre by Natural Health Reader's Choice Award 2021/2022 at Pavilion Bukit Jalil in March 2022.

The Award was bestowed based on the selection by a panel of judges from the industry and readers of the magazine over a period of time.


Far from practicing a standardised approach in its care for the seniors, IMM Carehub offers evidenced-based programmes that are customized and personalized to an individual’s capability and condition.

The centre provides one-of-a-kind lifestyle rehabilitation services for seniors to help them stay healthy and independant. Determined to provide higher quality eldercare to those in need, Dr Jillian was also the first to establish the research-based Rehab Centre and Active Aging Gym in the country.

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